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10-09-2013, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by nevesis View Post

Wow, can you recognize the goalie in that video? I sure can't. His style is so dramatically aggressive, and he is coming so far out of his net to challenge shooters.

It can't possible be Henrik Lundqvist....
And I can post videos that show that he's at the top of his crease and sometimes even further out.

Here, you can actually see the evolution of his style:

His first year with New York was even different than he is now. You can see that Allaire has him playing deeper, but he still reverts to his older tendencies of playing further up in the crease. Most of Hank's saves come at the top of the crease then whereas today, most come in the middle or at the goal line.

Again, stop using your one time meeting with Hank as evidence that contradicts 1) Hank's own words, 2) Allaire's own words, 3) Video evidence, 4) the words of Swedes and Finns who saw him game-in, game-out, 5) the words of others who saw him then.

When Hank says Allaire changed his style and has him playing deeper in the net, is he lying? Did he not watch himself play? Hell, is Allaire lying?

The whole problem is individual clips can show what the author of the video wants them to show. I'll go with Hank and Allaire on this since they both say you're wrong.

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