Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers @ Sharks: The LOL Edition
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10-09-2013, 03:47 PM
Leidi J
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I realize that the mere presence of a sharks fan over here right now might not be met with the most pleasantry, but hear me out. Or ignore me if you feel like it :]

I just wanted to say that after watching some of the postgame interviews and stuff you have some of the classiest players i've seen. So used to the whining and complaining of certain and excuse making from other teams out here in the west *coughnuckscough* it was extremely refreshing to hear what the rangers had to say in the face of a tough postgame situation. I have always really like Ryan Callahan, one of my favorite non-sharks, and he seems like a great guy to have as your captain, it's obvious that you have some real leadership in the room and I'm certain you guys will see a turn around. And King Henrik! What a classy guy. It really is a shame that as a fan out west, I really havent seen as much of him play as I would like (mostly just playoffs).

I wish you guys all the best for the rest of the year (except when we come to MSG or should we meet in the SCF, then all bets are off ). I hope your team comes out and demolishes the ducks, there's nothing I love better than seeing the ducks get their faces kicked in (well maybe four goals from a rookie, but you know...). I also hope for good news regarding Rick Nash for you all, and a speedy recovery should it be worse than expected. Also, thanks for (mostly) being friendly and classy before the game here and after on the main boards. For the most part I didn't see the crazy bitterness from rangers fans that I did from petty fan bases like the oilers (they are really really really bitter over there wow) even though if anyone had a reason to be in a foul mood, no one would probably blame you. Anyways, I hope to enjoy future conversations with you all throughout the year and good luck going forward!

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