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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I'll believe we're close to winning when I see it. As it is now, our major league roster was stripped down, and even having a cabinet full of prospects doesn't change that for the time being. A lot has gotta to go right for not only all our top prospects to rise up to the majors in the next couple years, and it's definitely not a sure thing that it'll happen or that the team would gel together if it did.
Cubs in June/July vs August/September the last 2 years

2012: 25-27 to 18-42
2013: 26-28 to 17-38

The Cubs have been terrible because they trade away any useable pieces starting in mid-July. Both seasons they have gone out and signed some good pieces but then moved them to rebuild their farm system. If they go out and spend some money like I believe they will and then don't trade those guys, I think you can see a pretty significant jump in the win total for next year. I'm not saying they're going to win 85 games, but if they do what I think they're going to do, I wouldn't be shocked to see them between 73-76 wins next year.

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