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10-09-2013, 04:39 PM
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Bauer Supreme One.6 or One.7?

Hey everyone,

I decided to get back into skating (and eventually ice hockey) and I very quickly realized that my current skates are 1. not sized properly, and more importantly, 2. a peice of crap.

I went into my LHS (Prohockeylife) and the guy properly fit me and I tried on about 4-5 different types of skates..Vapors, Surpeme, CCM RBZ..etc

I ended up liking the fit on the One.6 and One.7's the best.

So my question is..

Should I dish out the extra ~$125ish to get the One.7's or would I find the One.6's sufficient?

I don't plan on buying skates again for..a long time. So spending the extra cash isn't that big of an issue for me. I'm just wondering if the price difference is justified.

THANKS in advance.

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