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Originally Posted by cheesesteak View Post
If that's how you look at! Because the Flyers didn't come close to winning the Cup multiple times in those 40 years and have good teams. Nope just "4 decades of failure".

People who blame the Flyers are clueless Snider gave this city a hockey team and a consistently good one for my lifetime. They've had some great teams and with a few bounces they might have got a 3rd Cup. The ultimate goal is the Cup but it comes down to some luck and the Flyers haven't had it.

I just want to be clear who do you think needs to be called out?
Snider. He's old, possibly senile, and needs to step aside for the good of the team. He's good a tremendous amount of good for the city and for the hockey team, but that's not going to help them in the future. His comment about the team not needing a change in culture is craziness.

They have 36 playoff wins since the salary cap has come into effect. The Bruins have 52. The Penguins have 51. The Red Wings have 63. The Blackhawks have 46, and were terrible coming out of the lockout.

The Flyers aren't an elite franchise anymore, and that is because for the last decade, Snider has gone insane and interferes way too much in a league he doesn't understand anymore.

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