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10-09-2013, 07:34 PM
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Is way too early to tell.

I doubt anyone has seen Drouin outside of or few YT reels. Even if they have, predicting junior players can't even be done by those who are paid millions to do it.

The initial read on Jones is good, but people need to remember not to get too high or too low off 3 games, or even a whole year. There is such thing as beginner's good fortune. We need not look further than our own Craig Smith. Or for a prominent defenseman-- Brad Stuart... had one of his best years in the NHL at the ripe age of 19... Runner up for Calder.. 2nd highest points of his career. He went on the have a solid career but far from the superstar he looked like in his rookie year. Dion Phanuef had 20 goals his rookie year (and a hype train longer than the state of Tennessee), and he has yet to hit 20 again. He's turned out better than B Stuart, but if Jones only amounts to Phanuef, I'll be disappointed.

Not saying Jones will fall into that category, but penciling him in for a rock solid 25 mins for the rest of this season and career is jumping the gun. Perspective.

One of the only things people can agree on is that we are starved for offensive ability. Picking the likes of Pickard, Ellis, Blum with recent 1st rounders was foolish. Certainly Jones looks of a different breed, but we still have huge voids offensively now and in the future.

As for Druion and Barkov, who the heck knows? We didn't even have the opportunity to pick them. The retrospect question 5 years down the road will be Lindholm, Monahan, whatever other 18 yr old who was picked in the first round.

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