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Originally Posted by cheesesteak View Post
If that's how you look at! Because the Flyers didn't come close to winning the Cup multiple times in those 40 years and have good teams. Nope just "4 decades of failure".

People who blame the Flyers are clueless Snider gave this city a hockey team and a consistently good one for my lifetime. They've had some great teams and with a few bounces they might have got a 3rd Cup. The ultimate goal is the Cup but it comes down to some luck and the Flyers haven't had it.

I just want to be clear who do you think needs to be called out?
40 years is a hell of a lot of hindsight. Hard to make excuses after a certain point.

Blanketing it as all failure is extreme, but it's definitely a massive disappointment to not have another one by now to say the very least.
Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
Why is the salary cap era the arbitrary distinction? Chicago and Pittsburgh benefitted from years and years of missing the playoffs and high draft picks.

Your claims of Huge Snider interference aren't supported by any evidence. It's just a convenient excuse to tell yourself to hide from the fact that winning a Cup is extremely hard.
Far from arbitrary. Pre salary cap and post salary cap are vastly different and the salary cap is still in effect today.

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