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10-09-2013, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by GORGO View Post
Ahh.. You fella's are too easy or all ya'll are bucket fans.. Make no mistake. IMO anyways This team does not have near enough talent nor near enough direction from the lousy coaching staff to ever get past The Hawks- The Blues- The Fish- The Queens on and on.. If your gonna have lousy goaltending like we have you better have Defenseman bigger than 5'8 and more than 2 that can actually handle the puck..

If your all waiting for Zucker-Granny- Phillips-Lucia-Spurgy-Scandella etc. to lead us to the promise land. Your all going to be disappointed.. This team needs a couple Milan Lucic's- David Clarkson's- Dustin Brown's etc. Guys that will run their sister into the the 3rd row night in and night out.. We don't need anymore Rupp's -Kenopka's- Stoner's... We need gritty player's that can fight AND actually play. The best teams in hockey have that.. The Wild have lacked that their whole existence...

Fletcher and Liepold would like you all to believe" The cupboard" is full again.. what a joke!..I get these are still kids and there young but most every other team has young guys contributing every night but The Wild... IMO Zuck is the next Wellman.. Granny is the next Shep... Scandella is The next Cuma..All the same type of player. Lot's of hype but never make a real difference.. IMO this team as it stands doesn't make the PO's as far as I can see..

Worry meter= 8
Then don't let the door hit ya. Too bad Zucker has already accomplished more than Wellman ever has.

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