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10-09-2013, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
I'm pretty sure getting traded was a wake up call for both of them. Especially Carter who got traded twice.
For most of Richards career here he was a 60 to 80 point Selke-caliber center and for most of Carter's career he was a 35 to 40 goal two-way center. Their careers outside of Philly thus far are in-line with that for the most part.

The only difference is that there's no more media fiasco surrounding them. Even their playoff performances are roughly the same. So, to sum up, despite the former poster saying (I'm paraphrasing here a bit) that they would both decline due to burning the candle at both ends and being supposed lockerroom cancers in Philly they're still performing exactly as they were here.

Kind of convenient that literally the only complaint about those two revolved around the media and fans and couldn't be proven by any means really. Also convenient that when that problem doesn't exist outside of Philly it's because they "shaped up".

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