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10-09-2013, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by erieottersnews View Post
@mapleleaf regarding your first post:

Yeah I was at the game, Burakovsky's goal was an absolute snipe. Bad angle, somehow squeezed it in top right. I'm not sure what the deal with McDavid is right now. But the good news is that Brown is tearing it up, Fox and Burakovsky contributing strongly as well. Strome/Curtis/Harper are all good forms of secondary scoring, I would expect each of them to put up around 40 points. You're right, bottom line is that we are winning, 4-2-1-0 is a damn good start. Could get even better, Friday @ Kitchener and Saturday home vs. Saginaw are both winnable games. Realistically I hope we take at least two of the four points from those games.

about your second post, about Donnay:

I'm not sure if the Rangers have any influence on that. While I think he is a bit better than last season, I would place Pelech, Raddysh, Abraham, and Dermott over him. Genovese I couldn't really say, haven't seen him play in person. Felker actually has looked pretty good these last few games, he's big and mobile, I'd like to hold on to him if possible. Right now he is a third pairing dman at best but I think he's making strides in the right direction. So I'm not sure what we should do. If we could get some kind of pick for Donnay and trade for Jesse Graham that would be awesome. I'd love to see something like: Pelech-Graham, Genovese-Abraham, Dermott-Raddysh.
Ive been talking about Felker for months now, thinking he needs to shake off the rust and build confidence. Alot of trade talks surrounding him on these boards, Id bet teams have called about him. Felker with what happened last year, could make huge leaps in development this year, interesting to watch to see what happens. Good post as usual erieotternews, agreed Graham would be a big asset for this team.

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