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Originally Posted by CS View Post
No, he's really not.
...but he is. I am a lifelong Flyers fan. I have been following this organization for two decades. And you know what? I have always thought this. **** it. It isn't Holmgren. It isn't luck. It's mentality. We drafted Forsberg. You remember that? We drafted that dude. We traded him and a bunch of other dudes for the shiny piece. And Eric Lindros is one of my favorite hockey players of all time. And at the moment I am staring at a Lindros jersey, no C, rookie season Lindros jersey, which I have owned that long. And you know what? That trade was not the right move.

If you walk up to a woman and scream "HEY YOU WANNA GO HOME WITH ME RIGHT NOW!?" she probably won't. If you scheme a little and make the right nods and eyes and say the right things you got a shot with anyone. That's how I see this organization. Screaming for it. And the defense is "well we always try." Right. Your virgin friend always tries and the reason he never got it was because he doesn't know how. Sit back. Scheme a little. Let things grow and marinate. Forcing the issue is the ethos of the Flyers and it should not be.

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