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10-10-2013, 03:27 AM
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People really don't think it's the pads, do they? Come on.

He looks unfocused, uncomfortable and like he's fighting the puck. All things that happen after a goalie goes a few months without playing games (while having contract negotiations weighing on his mind at that). If I remember correctly, Hank typically limps out of the gate and takes a week or two to begin to round into form. Throw in the fact that our defense looks ******, what with transitioning to a new system and all, and I don't find it that strange that he is having a bumpy start.

But please, don't perpetuate the myth that Hank was only a good goalie because of his pads. Please. There are limitations and regulations to pad size, this isn't 2002 anymore. Hanks pads have always been legal. Plus everything is the same size, except for the thigh rise on the pads. It's not like they changed the width of the pads and made the gloves smaller (like they did a few years ago, which Hank adjusted to fine). Hank wasn't a product of big pads. People only think that because he is very positionally sound and his style is that of conservation of movement. Put yourself in the best position to stop the puck while expending the least amount of energy possible. Throw in the fact that on top of that, Hank has unreal reflexes, instincts and is crazy was never the pads.

Henrik Lundqvist will be fine.

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