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10-10-2013, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Synergy27 View Post
Larry Brooks is like 90% of the people that post on this board, only he can't blame his youth and inexperience for his overreactions. I'd be a lot more worried if the team didn't look so good in L.A. just one night before, but "worry" is still probably the wrong word for it. We all knew this team would be up against it early on - too many things working against them. I'll hold off on my evaluation and worrying until Thanksgiving at the earliest.

That said,

AV sucks
Henrik sucks with small pads
Nash' career is over but he was lazy anyway
Stepan isn't a dynamic offensive player
McDonagh peaked in '11-'12
yada yada yada
Hey man I'm part of that 90%. I see you're part of the 10%. I was wondering if you could tutor me on how things work, and how to evaluate a team?

You're obviously a very calm, professional hockey analyst.

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