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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
Trying to stay level headed,but it really seems to be just par for the course. It's a collection of decisions that permeates the entire organization. Which to me signals a leadership issue.
100% correct and I'm sick of it. This franchise needs to lay out a plan and stick to it, no more of this hodgepodge of playing styles, coaching styles and front office decisions. Develop a strategy and stick to it, no matter what until it runs its course and then adjust accordingly.

Instead we get the honor of having Slats give his yearly summer interview and its always the same crap about how now because so and so won the cup that the way they play is the way we need to play.

How about we develop our own identity? And after we do that, how about we draft and sign players that fit that? We go from guys like Dubinsky, Prust etc. to guys like Pouliot.

We basically have been trying to rebuild and contend for the Cup at the same time and its not the proper way of building a team. We spent a top 10 pick on a Tough D-Man because we need it. I have no problem with Mcilrath, I like him a lot but you don't draft for a need right then and there and if you do it better be someone who is actually gonna step in right away, not a project. We would have been better off trading that pick with other assets for someone who fills that role now so to actually help the team. That's what a team trying to win now does. Not to mention that drafting this way puts an enormous amount of pressure on kids that's not warranted.

We do the same thing in Free Agency as well. We lay all the failures of this franchise in each particular area at the feet of one certain player thinking they can change it all themselves. I got news for ya, when things are neglected and allowed to become part of the culture and DNA of a team you can't expect one person to change your fortunes.

We honestly need an overhaul from the top down and have for years but this is what we got. I love this team and this franchise, city and fans deserve a hell of a lot better!

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