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10-10-2013, 10:18 AM
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I've been skating a year, but recently started to spend a bit of time on real basics, namely:

1. Forward skating C cut turns. A really good warm up that feels nice and safe so you can bend the knee progressively more and get the ice crunching. A real good leg strengthener.
2. One foot glides. A real basic, this one. I get some speed up then go straight on my flats, or get onto the outside edge or if possible move between edges and flats. Again, I bend the knee a lot in this to build strength and balance.

10 mins of this at public skate is paying off for me.

Next for me is to conquer backward skating. I reckon the balance and control involved in doing that will improve my skating all round.

Just ordered the Laura Stamm book and really looking forward to getting it.

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