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Originally Posted by tailgunner View Post
just answer a simple question...why did VC and the whole tampa team attack anisimov after his goal celebration? because that's what a team does...our soft bunch did nothing..plain and simple, and people around the nhl said the same thing....dave Maloney said that if hertl tried that in 1972 in philly or boston, he would left the rink with one limb missing....that is my point, we stood by like lame idiots and did shows a pathetic weakness on our team the captain and coach in particular
I think this is one you put in the memory bank for another day.
I think next time you see Hertl he gets roughed up a bit and "reminded" of that play.

I don't think you should respond physcially when your team had shown zero physicaltiy all night and had mailed the game in.
The correct response should have been not allowing Hertl to float through the crease when the game was 8-2. If someone wanted to level him when he had the puck I would have been all for it.
The Rangers played the last 25 minutes of that game as if it was a scrimmage, yet you want them to be up in arms because the other team did the same?

Your comment about Dave Maloney and 1972 is right on. Problem is that the game was an absoutle embarrassment in 1972. That's Maloneys frame of reference so I get it, but anything that hakens back to early 70's Flyers hockey I want no part of.

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