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10-10-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Still can't forgive 'em.

Sigi Schmid coached the Crew to the '08 MLS Cup and Supporter's Shield - making for nice recognition for a team that was a founding MLS member, well-supported by fans for all that time, and the first to start the building of soccer-specific stadiums.

And then he promptly left for Seattle. And it's been downhill for the Crew ever since... and in the meantime Golden Child Seattle is being hailed as the darling of the MLS and getting their every wish and desire, gaining all sorts of recognition for what they do while the Crew (having done all that they have and more in the past) are marginalized and ignored unless the USMNT needs another home win.

Seriously, **** those guys. **** 'em.

EDIT: Honestly, Columbus gets boned both ways. In the NHL, it's to hell with the new guys, the elder statesmen are more important. In MLS, it's the other way around. So I get a tad bitter.
It is a bit strange that the Sounders are now the golden child of MLS. I always rooted for the Galaxy (and HATED Chivas USA) as I was in Southern California, and LA in particular for awhile, but as I said I felt disconnected from the team for several reasons when I left. LA could've easily been called the golden child of MLS at that point also. Then I became a Sounders fan because of a totally arbitrary reason and suddenly they get a bandwagon right after. It's weird. And believe me, I could never voluntarily root for a team because they're popular.

As far as Columbus, I always thought it was cool that they were the first to build a soccer-specific stadium.

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