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10-10-2013, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by MTLSandman View Post
Now this will probably get locked, but I'll go for it anyway....

Can we make this a thing, where we post all our knee jerk reactions and absolutely insane and irrational comments like firing the coach after 3 games or trading our #1 Goalie after a semi-bad goal?

This thread may seem like a joke to some of you, but I'm actually being quote serious here. I'm sick and tired of reading so much nonsense after losses. It actually becomes unbearable. I'm starting to consider just not coming on here during game days because I have to sift threw pages and pages of complete stupidness and knee jerk reactions from people who like to call themselves fans, just to be able to find a single well written sensible post.

EVERY SINGLE THREAD gets completely over run during a loss and is just bombarded with utter nonsense that clearly is due to emotions running high after losses. So I thought if we can have a thread to just knee jerk and vent as much as we'd like, we can have a much better experience on these boards. If you want, lock this thread on non game days, and reopen it after losses or other times where the "whiners" come out in full force that would work just fine.

I want to be able to go in the post game thread and actually read some insightful comments about the team. Not some "Therrien is completely useless, fire him and Bergevin! We should jus trade all our veterans and get a high lottery pick cause this team is GARBAGE" type of comments * more so after only 3 games....

(And yes I see the irony of this being a knee jerk thread to all the knee jerk commenters)
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