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10-10-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey Lebowski View Post
I didn't really read this thread... but my input is that it takes a lot of time to perfect a skill like taking faceoffs. Yes it's important but no, it's not as important as some folks make it seem. If you lose a face-off and your team can't handle that, then it's more of a systems problem than anything.

Of course you want to win it, but it's seriously not the end of the world if you don't. 50% is a great average for a team.

Anywho, having Perreault isn't going to fix this team in the first week or two... it's going to take some time before we notice anything. Just hang on.
I completely disagree with that statement. Taking and winning a faceoff is a very instinctive thing, and I don't think that any amount of teaching will improve the hand-eye coordination needed to win a draw. A center might improve a bit with better positioning and a few techniques, but that still doesn't help the reflexes. If it were possible to teach a center how to win, we'd have a team full of 70% winners by now.

To all those saying faceoffs aren't important to win, you:
1. are ignorant of the real importance of a faceoff win.
2. were a center who sucked at winning faceoffs. Or,...
3. have a hidden agenda supporting one of the centers who lose more than they win faceoffs.

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