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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Congratulations -- I don't think I've seen a post that captures the essence of backwards thinking like this one.
Interesting reply.

It in no way addresses any of the points that I made about the numerous and varied coaching deficiencies and their impact on the teams play, but still.

Perhaps if I re-worded my post so it more directly indicted Sather it would please you.

That should be the only point of any post on these boards right?

Threads like these always pop up at the same time every year. A big loss. A two game losing streak. The end of the season.

And its always the same nonsense. The same posters pushing <insert agenda>, reading as if they typed their answers off pre-created index cards drawn at random from the complaint box at some sort of "Disgruntled and Uninformed Rangers Fan Club" meeting.

There is plenty of obtuse and backwards thinking on this board. Plenty. Just not sure you are properly able to identify it.

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