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01-17-2004, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Defender
I never said it was. Having a broken thumb does not give you the right to hit people from behind then run away either. It does not make Roberts a punk for wanting to fight him either. He is on the ice isn't he?

Knowing he wouldn't fight makes him a punk for acting like he was all ready to go. He picked his spot knowing the outcome. It wasn'tfrom behind loser.

Yes, because we know, if you are in a Leaf uniform, you can never really be injured.

How many Leaf injuries occured during the game?

Alright. Now I know that everything the Flyers do is right and clean and everything the Leafs do is wrong, phony and dirty.
Who said that, dork? Why do you want to argue a point you just made up?

I guess the stereotype of Maple Laughs fans is true where you are concerned: They take everyhing literally while creating a rich fantasy life around their team and themselves.