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01-17-2004, 08:05 AM
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Luc vs. Andy

I've been shocked twice in the last couple of days. Once by Luc being held out of a second game and once by a quote in the LA Times that says, "We played our best game of the season in Minnesota on Wednesday night."

I'm trying to figure out why the leading scorer available to the team is left out of the mix in what are some of the most important games of a drastically mutated season. We will miss these points against teams we should routinely handle. One night OK. If the Kings would have won Wednesday night 5-2 maybe you could say "best game". The Kings need Luc and Brown and Camelleri in the lineup. We are skating too many lunch pail, hard working but inconsistent players when you consider these other guys are available. (Brown has reportedly been available for some time). I hate to say it but it seems like there is something rotten in Denmark. I am a big Murray supporter, or at least have been, but things seem to be getting out of hand. Luc has never been known as a problem for coaches. Yes, he brings some floater mentality and isn't the fastest skater, but he's a winner not a whiner. For Luc to go to DT is very telling. I'm really disappointed with this whole business. Our AHL guys are playing way over their collective heads but they aren't the solution we need right now. Thanks fellas but...

Luc, hold on. Things might still work out. We need you more than ever.

Andy, I think you have got some serious musing to do on the problems at hand. Work ethic is an important component of the game, but so is God given talent.

End of rant.

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