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Originally Posted by NickyFotiu View Post
How many years is your surefire way to build a team try to lose games plan to be in effect? If this is the key to success why don't all teams do it? Why dont they hire you as a GM to win the cup? Looks like Florida, Edmonton, Nashville, etc have had high draft picks for almost a decade. Maybe it is not as sure a thing as you think?
I never said try to lose games on purpose or to tank and I definitely didn't say it was surefire. I said play to the natural talent level you have until the talent reaches a level where making smart UFA signings and trades allows you to build a contender by supporting the talent you acquired drafting high. If that means you end up the worst team in the league then so be it, its better than trying to fill holes with players who are overpaid and can't deliver more than just enough to carry a team to a 7th/8th seed. The reason those teams have failed is because they have historically had really poor people in charge of making decisions along with not having high operating budgets to help acquire talent to support those picks. I know one thing though, I would much rather be drafting Hall, Weber, Huberdeau type players instead of forwards and dmen all cut from the same cloth like we have and whose talent level isn't enough to get us where we want and need to be.

The real problem though is that as long as Dolan only cares about selling tickets and Sather is still the one make decisions it's all for not. We had our 7 year window to bottom out and rebuild properly but we didn't. What some may have to realize and accept, as hard as it may be, is that we most likely will have to suffer though another period like that at some point and time. The question is how long will we prolong the inevitable!

Just because I express my opinion doesn't mean I think I should be GM! I thought that's why we are here on a message board and quite frankly you didn't really offer up anyone solutions of your own so why don't you to tell me what you would do instead of being smug!

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