Thread: TSN 1260: What's Going On? Part 4
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10-10-2013, 06:13 PM
Kyle McMahon
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Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
Horcoff was a useful player. He just wasn't 5 million dollars of useful.

That's where people got confused. Believe it or not, most hockey fans aren't intelligent, critical thinkers. Most people on earth aren't.

If Horcoff saw more chances and shots for than against, I don't see how a person can say that he wasn't useful. That's not even a stat, just an observation.
Except that most proponents of those stats like chances for/against will cling to that one stat as though it's the most important thing in evaluating a player. There aren't stats tracking poor leadership, lazy penalties, or blown scoring chances, all prominent features of Horcoff's game.

Hemsky too-- he's never been a useless player. His past 2 seasons have been steps down, but he was no longer the "go to," was older, and had a long history of injuries. It made sense. But he was never as bad as dicks like Spector said he was. He just has an effortless-looking style that makes it look like he isn't trying. That hasn't changed and if you watch him this year, he still doesn't look like he's trying that hard, but he's getting more results, so people shut up.
Except the inaction this summer pretty well demonstrated he was that bad. Our GM came right out and said he was trading Hemsky, no question about it. But Hemsky arrived here for camp in September after MacT literally could not give him away. Kind of backs up Spec's opinion.

For some reason, many people (not saying you) just can't handle hearing negative things about this team. One of the worst four year stretches in NHL history, and people still complain about "negative" comments. In fact, how any broadcaster has found something positive to say about this organization since 2009 is a marvel to me. This franchise, it's managers, coaches, and most players deserve every load of verbal poo that have been dumped on them and then some.

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