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I am only now having the chance to watch the Sunday game against the Devils. My schedule is beyond crazy for the next month and I get to watch it from my office only because a meeting got cancelled. But here are my notes.


The Mission was ok, but gave up a pair of goals. Neither was horrible, but both potentially stoppable by a superior goalie. That said, he's an AHL backup, so no problem.

McIlrath is skating well, landed a big hit on Matteau, plus a few more hits. Good positioning and his balance clearly improved over last seasons. Still can't handle the puck to save a life, however. Once he learns to make a quality first pass, he'll get much better.

Miller and Kreider scored. Miller looks really good, really confident out there. Kreider is doing what he should: disappears and puts himself in position to score. That's how he plays best.

Mash is like a poor man's Nash, but a very poor man's. Like what a cubic zirconium is to a diamond.

Kristo isn't bad for the AHL, but don't expect him in the NHL this season unless we have a rash of injuries.

I like Yogan, he's kind of like Bourque, but over half a foot taller.

Bourque is being Bourque, he's the same every game.

Johnson is a very good defense, Syvret is also solid.

Not much from the rest.


Johnson had an empty net on the PP, but failed to score. Then took an immediate tripping penalty. Whitney then scores a PP goal. 3-2 Albany.

Kreider hit the inside of the goal post, but unfortunately not in. Good shot though.

Tripping on Miller. Not a good penalty, pulled down a Devil on the offensive blue line.

Kreider with a nice run and shot. Very good shift all around. Looking good this game.

Big save by Mission.

Johnson with two big places on the PP to keep the puck in the offensive zone.

Kreider continues to play well.

Every time MCI hits, it sounds like thunder.

Hughes is a solid defenseman. Does the little things right.

GOAL: Bourque with a tremendous takeaway, then takes a hit without flinching, slides down to the bottom of the faceoff circle to draw all the attention to himself, only to pass it to Miller who had a wide open empty net. Miller managed to hit the goal post somehow, but had so much time and space that he tapped in the rebound after that. Huge play by Bourque to make this goal happen.

Devils got called for a penalty. The Pack will have 1:40 of PP to start the third.


Good team effort on the PP, but nice save by Kinkaid.

Allen with a big defensive play, making himself look like Staal.

GOAL: Big Mac with his first pro goal! Kristo worked hard along the board, took a hit like a man, passed it to Johnson, who sent it along the blue line to Big Mac. MCI fired a nice wrist shot at the end, and Kinkaid was screened by Kreider, so the puck went in. Good work by all the guys mentioned.

After scoring, MCI suddenly looks more confident with the puck.

MCI almost scored again, again with a wrister from the blue line.

MCI looks revived. Good defensive play.

Big save by Mission. He's good on low shots, not so much on high shots, which is weird for a guy his size.

Bickel is a good defenseman at this level, just not in the NHL.

Kreider creating more opportunities.

Kristo is good at this level, but will need at least a year of seasoning. Needs to get stronger, among other things.

MCI fans on a pass, then collapses as he's hit with the puck between his legs.

Haley got a short breakaway, beat Kinkaid, but hit the post.

Powe is like the young Drury of the AHL.

MCI with a good block with under a minute to go on a 6-on-5.

Wolf Pack win! THHHEEE Wolf Pack win!

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