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Originally Posted by savebyrichter420 View Post
What if we keep doing what we've been doing? Isn't that also fair to ask? You basically want to play it safe out of fear of the unknown. History rewards those that take risks and those that are willing to pay the price to get to the ultimate goal. If losing for a few years does that then who cares? It's not about getting the number one pick it's about allowing the team to finish where it naturally should during a down period, sucking it up and making picks in positions that have greater odds of yielding the skill we lack on a yearly basis. Boston built through the draft, made a shrewd move in trading kessel and made a smart UFA signing in Chara.
Boston built through the draft, trades and FA just like all the other teams. What they did not do is lose on purpose or have extremely bad seasons enough to get a #1 overall pick to win. The Kessel trade was at best a small contributor to their cup. The guys they drafted in the 2nd round and 3rd round played a much bigger role.

Losing for a few years is no guarantee of winning. We lost for years. So have many other teams but lets do it your way and plan to lose. I asked you before how do you implement your plan to lose?

Do you trade our best players (Lundy, McD, Hags, Stepan, Staal, etc?)

Do you tell them team not to win?

You have 100% control of the franchise and you are now given permission to lose. So how do you implement your plan to lose for a few years?

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