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Originally Posted by NickyFotiu View Post
Boston built through the draft, trades and FA just like all the other teams. What they did not do is lose on purpose or have extremely bad seasons enough to get a #1 overall pick to win. The Kessel trade was at best a small contributor to their cup. The guys they drafted in the 2nd round and 3rd round played a much bigger role.

Losing for a few years is no guarantee of winning. We lost for years. So have many other teams but lets do it your way and plan to lose. I asked you before how do you implement your plan to lose?

Do you trade our best players (Lundy, McD, Hags, Stepan, Staal, etc?)

Do you tell them team not to win?

You have 100% control of the franchise and you are now given permission to lose. So how do you implement your plan to lose for a few years?
Again, I never said lose on purpose or that you need to have the #1 pick but just keep repeating it even though I keep refuting it. Yea those players were found in later rounds but not by us? How come? Why can other teams find these players and we can't?

What I did say was you let the kids play, make smart, cheap UFA signings and let that team finish were it naturally should given its talent level. Not keep propping the team up just so it's good enough to win a playoff round or two. When you accumulate assets then you can start making trades after you assess what you have and if need be you go out and get the one or two missing pieces through free agency! That way you have cost controlled talent and don't need to pay through the nose to get it !

I never said tell them to lose, you just let them play and let the chips fall where they may. If this season is a failure maybe we should trade some of our best players. Some of them are approaching 30 and haven't won anything yet. You can never keep everyone, some will have to go eventually, that's just reality. You have short windows to compete in sports, if that window closes you have to regroup and start the process over. Should we shell out monster long term contracts for Callahan, Girardi and Lundqvist just to keep winning a round or two? If they can't get it done, you ship em out and recoup assets. You can't handicap the team further by overpaying for diminishing returns.

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