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12-02-2006, 05:34 PM
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General Assessment of the Rangers

I don't think this is a Stanley Cup team unless we acquire a 2nd Line Center and a good defenseman. Edge believes that trading Prucha for a 2nd Line Center makes no sense because you're creating one hole while filling another; that's true, but what if Nigel Dawes steps in for Prucha and produces with this new 2nd line center? Ideally, I'd like to keep Prucha and acquire a 2nd Line Center under 30. Unfortunately, the only 2nd line centers available, if they even are available, are older veterans like Craig Conroy. Is that what we really need?

I want to be a young and exciting team like the Buffalo Sabres, but our only players who have stepped up this year are around age 35 or older. That really bothers me. I'd like to see two of our top 6 forwards be young players that can make plays. Right now only four of them are, and they're all old. This is where Prucha and Dawes were supposed to step in, but Prucha has been a disappointment and Dawes was not played enough. If we swap Prucha for a young center, Dawes must get a fair opportunity on one of the top two lines to show what he can do. Our team would be alot better if we got production from two younger players that were part of our top 6.

Regarding the defense, it is not Stanley Cup caliber. There is not one player we have that I'm comfortable with out there. They're all inconsistent and make terrible plays that sometimes cost us games. Even if Lundqvist reverts back to the brilliant form he displayed last year, we still need a good defenseman thats dependable. The problem is, we can't get both a good defenseman and a good young center. So what do we priortize? These are two glaring holes and until they are filled we will not be a Stanley Cup team. As we are currently constructed, we are good enough to make the playoffs, perhaps even make a deep run if Lundqvist is hot. The ultimate goal, though, is the Stanley Cup and we cannot beat the Sabres right now. I just wanted to throw in my two cents on this team since I rarely post and really because I was bored. Hope ya guys reply with your opinions... I'm sure most of you agree and nothing I'm saying is news or anything. Take care everyone.

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