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Originally Posted by The PH Factor View Post
Sounds as if you like history, so I'll orient my response towards those types of attractions.

Definitely do the state capitol, they redid it a few years ago and it looks really great. There is also the Bicentennial Mall down the hill from the capitol which has a walking timeline of important events in TN history that I think is awesome as well. The TN farmer's market is next door and has several good options for a cheap but good lunch (Jamaicaway and Nooley's are my faves).

The state museum has some great exhibits and I'd also say is well worth it. It has the battle flag of the CSS Alabama (which gives me a kick every time cause I know it must tick off Alabamians to no end) and several other interesting Civil War exhibits.

Fort Negley, although pleasant, is pretty much just a city park. An alternative is to see Belle Meade Plantation, its a museum that focuses on interpreting a Southern antebellum estate (the famous Loveless Cafe is in that direction as well). I'd also say check out the Parthenon in Centennial Park if you haven't seen it.

Yazoo's awesome and there's another brewery a couple blocks by called Jackalope that's pretty good to check out as well.

Enjoy Nashville! And remember for future visits, there's alot of other Civil War stuff in the region (Franklin, Spring Hill, Stone's River, etc).
History is definitely my focus, thanks for all the info! Sounds like the capitol area has plenty for an afternoon and that I shouldn't have any trouble finding something interesting on subsequent visits.

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