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10-10-2013, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by M Gaz View Post
Yeah if AV wants to run an offensive system, then there needs to be a big overhaul this summer.
Sather is incompetent. A team is built in the image of the head coach after a couple of seasons. The team makes conference finals, its most successful run since Sather was hired. He then proceeds to turn over half of the forwards from that team. Sure Nash is a really good player, but then, you have to make sure to replace the players you traded--either through prospect pool or by acquiring similar styled players in UFA or other trades. Sather then makes a couple more trades to correct his mistakes and to match his coach's style. He then fires that coach at year's end and brings in coach after a half-assed search who plays an entirely different style and expects things to go swimmingly. Is this oversimplified? You bet. Does it offer some legitimate criticism about the man? I think so. I think Vigneault is a good coach and could even be one here, but this collection of players does not suit his style.

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