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01-17-2004, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
im a jerk. i shouldnt question somebodys loyalty. for this im sorry.
That's your biggest flaw (the questioning of someone
s loyalty, not the jerk part, hehehe)...but I admire your honesty and willingness to understand this. Not everyone's going to root them on come hell or high water. Passion comes in many forms. I don't see this team doing much of anything this season. If, by some wacky chance, they make the playoffs....squeeze in, I still wouldn't be happy. I'd be relieved, but not happy. Why? Because 80 million dollars should be able to buy a hell of a lot more than 8th seed. I'm not condoning lavish spending, nor do I applaud them when they make one of their theiving acqusitions from a lesser resourced team. But, I do think that if they have the kind of money to bring in the "upper echelon" players, then they should also have the funds to front load their staff and minor league systems. As it stands right now, we have a team full of aging veterans, lost superstars, and marginal AHL/NHL players. And the farm system, while it has a few bright spots, is composed mostly of players we'll never see, or at least not see long enough to remember. I think we can do better, I think we should be doing better. And I refuse to join the cheering crowd until something is done about this mess. Look around the garden next time you go to a game, and wehn the Rangers score look for the guy that appears indifferent. That'll be me.

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