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Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
the Nash trade didn't "gut" our depth. It only gutted it in the sense that we lost it.
One of the biggest problems with the team last season was the complete lack of depth we had in the roster; depth that was lost because of the Nash trade.

It was depth that could've easily been replaced (two 3rd line centers aren't that ****ing hard to find).
Easy in a vacuum, but you can't easily replace things like team chemistry, experience playing with each other for years and, particularly in the case of Dubinsky, on and off ice attitude.

You shouldn't be mad at Nash, he's doing his job here. Be mad at cigar man, he let easy to replace depth crumble the team last year, and it's effect still lingers.
I'm not mad at Nash, I think he's a great player. I'm mad that we blew up a team that was 2 wins away from competing for the cup for him.

And for the record, if we went back to July 2012, almost every single one of you would still be throwing a party that this trade happened.
I wasn't. I was unsure of the trade and thought it could go both ways. But over last season and the early going of this season, it's becoming increasingly apparent which direction the results of the Nash trade went.

Since the Nash trade, Columbus has been in an upswing, while we've been in a downswing. I don't think that's a coincidence.

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