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Originally Posted by xifentoozlerix View Post
Here is the number of appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals since the Flyers have entered the league:

Team   Finals Appearances
Montreal Canadiens   11
Boston Bruins   9
Philadelphia Flyers   8
Edmonton Oilers   7
Detroit Red Wings   6
Chicago Blackhawks   5
New Jersey Devils   5
New York Islanders   5
Dallas Stars / Minnesota North Stars   4
Pittsburgh Penguins   4
Calgary Flames   3
New York Rangers   3
St. Louis Blues   3
Vancouver Canucks   3
Anaheim Ducks   2
Buffalo Sabres   2
Carolina Hurricanes   2
Colorado Avalanche   2
Florida Panthers   1
Ottawa Senators   1
Tampa Bay Lightning   1
Washington Capitals   1

Looks like their perspective is just fine.

Exactly, The media members can F off for all i am concerned. The culture and the dedication to excellence that this organization brings is always mentioned when free agents come into town.

If you measure success by stanley cups then you are setting yourself up for failure. Winning cups take so much planning, and so much luck. Imagine one ping pong ball lost us a cup in 2010, and cost us a generational player.

That is how crazy these things are.

If you react to things on a day to day basis you will literally drive yourself insane.

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