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10-11-2013, 02:16 AM
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If you look across the league there's lots of teams having similar problems. Only thing that really makes the Rangers look any different is the big losses against Anaheim and San Jose. Still, those are two good teams from an opposing conference and a win or loss is still a win or loss no matter the goal differential. There's no extra points the more someone gets beat.

I understand the frustration of mediocre to poor GM problems as well as coming so close one season then sucking immediately after. I'm a Flyers fan. Same thing happened to us except instead of the ECF it was the SCF and instead of quality homegrown depth it was quality homegrown stars. It's still far too early to blow up a team especially when Hagelin and Nash aren't even playing right now. Rangers just have to find their ability to play again and see where things go from there. A team with Lundqvist, Nash, Stepan, Callahan, Staal, etc. Isn't this bad if they're playing to their potential. Lacking in depth maybe but that's about the extent of fault here.

Right now either it's a coaching problem or they haven't had enough time to work out the kinks. Either way it's not worth rebuilding for years (which is what will happen if you start trading your big players and wasting years on all your players) over a few bad games. It's just not with the talent on this roster. Besides, with the Nash trade the Rangers are kind if devoted to sticking it out fully with him before abandoning ship.

For the record I think essentially swapping Gaborik, Anisimov, and Dubinsky for Nash, Beassard, Moore, and Dorsett was a mistake but practically every Rangers fan was happy with it at the time and regardless that doesn't change what the situation is now.

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