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10-11-2013, 05:14 AM
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Wow, I had to turn off the game after the 5th goal. Couldn't take it anymore.

What in the ****ing **** is this ****ing ****!?

I saw in the boxscore that they apparently outplayed the Ducks in the third, but that literally means **** all. An AHL team would probably outplay the Blackhawks if the Hawks were up by 6 in the 3rd.

I don't think I've seen Del Zotto play a worse game than this, he should've gotten assists on two Ducks goals. Though Stepan was also a big culprit on that 2-0 goal, why were there TWO Rangers behind the net there? J. Moore continues to be awful defensively. McDonagh-Strålman was the least worst pairing.

Hank looks like Philly-era Bryz out there.

Fast was pretty good though. Pouliot as well, kind of looked like Nash at times with his frame and stickhandling.

But I honestly don't get this. The Rangers go from being one of the top possession teams in the league despite Torts' stone age system, adds good possession players (Pouliot, Zucc for a whole year), and are just getting pounded night in night out! The major thing that the Rangers had going for them, their possession play, has just vanished.

I think Carl Hagelin is one of the most valuable Ranger forwards, but even I can't imagine that he has this big an impact on our 5v5 play.

OTOH, while the scores didn't run away to the same extent they were just as awful for the first nine games in 2011-12 and that team managed to turn itself around. I'm not panicking yet. Yet.

But my god do they **** me off right now.

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