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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
The softness is present. Really, the mindset was only there with Torts. The Rangers have been a soft team since Keenan left. That only changed with Torts. And now, they are back to being soft. Why? The mindset is different. The whatever it takes to win. The finish all checks. The get your nose dirty. That mind set w as a refreshing change during Torts. And now, it is basically back to what has been reality. Might as well see the Chezmates skating around.

Sort of reminds me of the Miracle movie where Brooks screams at his team "You think you can win on talent alone? You haven't got enough talent".

This team does not have enough talent to simply skate and play the system that AV wants. They have lost their identity. They have lost the will to compete when they decided that Torts was stifling their creativity. They do not have the creativity that they thought. The way that Torts had them play masked lots of issues. Now the warts are all on display. Their defensive game is reminding me of the way that they played under Muckler.
At least the Czechmates scored on occasion.

This organization under Sather has been lazy and unwilling to do the hardwork to build a franchise that can be consistently successful. Everything is slap-dash:

We need offense, let's trade for Rick Nash.

Oh no, we have no depth. Let's trade Marian Gaborik.

Oh no we have no offense again.

Oh, it seems that the players are unhappy with the current coach. I guess we have to fire him.

Let's wait a week before we start interviewing coaches.

OK, lets interview two candidates (one terribly unqualified, know...he won a Cup in Edmonton) one has underachieved with a much more talented roster than the one he would be inheriting.

Wait, Dallas is interested in AV? Quick, hire him.

This is what I'm talking about when I say they seem to make moves in a vacuum.

There's an unwillingness to do the hard work. To take a step back and really look at what is here. To allow talent to develop. To build an organizational philosophy that starts with the Rangers and trickles down to Hartford. Something you build around, something you draft players, trade for players and sign players who fit that mold.

I mean, what is the organizations philosophy? If it's to grind and outwork opponents, then why is Taylor Pyatt, Derick Brassard or Benoit Pouliot on this team?

If it's to be uptempo and take the offense to the other team, why does anyone thing you can do that when there's only one legit top offensive player on the roster (who now might be a concussion concern — although I have my own theory on that).

People want to blame Dolan. Well, outside of not firing Sather by now (yes, that's not a small thing), he's the exact owner you want — not really involved and willing to spend money. He built a state-of-the-art training center, has allowed his GM to not only be active in the free agent market but also pay those failed signings 6M to play minor league hockey or pay those failed minor league signings to play for anyone but the Rangers.

For chrissake, somebody in this organization — do the hard work.


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