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10-11-2013, 10:40 AM
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Only saw the first two periods unfortunately, but the Preds were definitely the better team possession wise. However they weren't exaclty getting great chances. The powerplays and the Smith break were about the best chances I saw from them. Toronto wasn't getting much going consistently, but when they had chances, they were high value chances. From a guy who loves the Preds (although not as much as the Leafs) but doesn't get to see them a lot, I was impressed by the possession game but dissapointed that they couldn't do anything with it. But then again Bernier absolutely bailed the Leafs out so I'm not sure there is much you can do about that.

I must say, I was very impressed by Jones and Forbserg. Forsberg looks good, showing lots of potential. It's nice to see a Preds team with a player with his sort of offensive potential. It would be nice if they could add to that and add some more offensive pieces. But that's a different story. Forsberg looked good and I'm excited to see what he can do in the future. He definitely lived up to the hype I've seen posted about him on these boards.

Jones was also fantastic. Doesn't look like a first year player. It's cliche to say but it's true. I don't blame him at all for the Kessel goal. You just can't leave a player like Kessel open in teh slot like that. Ever. He'll make you pay 9 times out of 10. But Jones impressed me a lot. He was fantastic on the powerplay, passing well and his shot was accurate and hard. And he was very impressive at holding the line.

Nashville's future is bright with Forsberg, Wilson, Josi, Jones, Rinne and Weber. It's a good core to work with. It would just be nice to see some proper offensive support added.

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