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10-11-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Pistachio View Post
I don't get why they still do the Torts thing of moving the puck up close to the boards, and the instant you get a tiny little bit of resistance, just dump the puck. People need to move more going out of our own zone.
Holy ****, are we really still dealing with this?

Because it was not a "Torts thing."

Dumping the puck is a part of the game. Every team does it. Every player does it at one point or another. You are out there playing against another team. Sometimes that other team matches up with you defensively and forces you into a position where you don't have any other good option but to dump the puck into the zone. You want to see what happens when they don't dump the puck in those situations or try to force a play? See: turnovers in the neutral zone the last two games. Yea, worked out brilliantly.

This is not a video game where you can just push the speed burst button and skate circles around other players or pass the puck through 5 bodies.

That said, the Rangers really don't dump the puck a gajillion times more in a game than other teams do. Perhaps a bit, but not overwhelmingly so. And any marginal amount more that they do it is not a system thing. It is not a Torts thing. It is a product of not having players who are offensively skilled or creative enough to be able to carry the puck into the zone consistently. This **** is not hard to understand.

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