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10-11-2013, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by rockjngo View Post
Patrick Roy wasn't right as coach for this team because, well have you seen Anahiem-Colorado game? Being a Hab coach, not only do you represent the team, the city, but you also represent the french community. we aren't columbus, or florida, or tampa where no one cares. its how we present ourselves as an organization. classy organization because of our history and heritage. If Roy did that during Calgary's game, it would destroy our organization's image. Roy should never be coach of the Canadiens. Roy loses control over himself and that's not representation of our organization.
Cry me a river. It's not the 1940s anymore. This is why we suck we continue to have a stone age mentality. "Omg we can only hire a French Coach!" We limit ourselves from getting better. I wish we could have an owner or a gm who would tell them media and the people to shut the **** up.

I really wanted Roy as our coach. Hopefully, one day.....

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