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Originally Posted by PK Pilot 76 View Post
I'm not jumping off any bridges or writing the team off. I'm a fan of the Rangers - not the current roster exclusively, but the Rangers historically - and just as in the past when the Rangers have been a truly bad hockey team, I still root for them because this is my team and that's what I do.

So, when I criticize or hypothesize what's going on with this incarnation of the Rangers it doesn't mean I stopped being a fan or am "getting off" the train. It just means these are my thoughts about the current team. I'm still here, watching every game and hoping for the best.

That said, I don't believe this team's issues will be resolved by having time to "gel", "learn the system", "develop chemistry", "adjust to a new coach", "get back home", "adjust to playing defense differently" or "get their game legs". I also don't believe that "it will even out" and that we'd "rather get blown out now than later in the year". Personally, I believe we're witnessing a melt down that none of those quotations can cover up or explain away. I think we're witnessing a melt down that will, ultimately, lead to drastic changes in the makeup of the team. I just simply cannot wrap my head around these past two performances, even in a vacuum, in any way that makes sense. When put in context, it just makes even less sense.

I don't believe they will bounce back from this. I believe they've shown their hand and that all of the "gelling" and "adjusting" in the world can't bridge the chasm between the hockey that needs to be played and the hockey we've just witnessed. Of course, I know they will have better games than these past two (it would be impossible not to). I am flat-out expecting a win against St. Louis, if for no other reason than the undeniable fact that if this team doesn't come back with a vengeance after the last two performances it is another huge red flag. But even if we win our next game and we avoid allowing 6 goals again for the next month, I don't think that this team has the constitution to post a winning record this season.

My faith in the individuals that are dressing for our hockey team has been very much diminished and it's going to take a lot more than a win or two to restore any of it. And that's assuming we don't repeat ourselves in St. Louis tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I couldn't agree more. I just don't like how this team is currently constructed, but these are my opinions. I know there are plenty of people that see it the other way but Sather messed up beginning with the Nash trade. Nothing against Nash though.

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