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10-11-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
I said it when Torts was fired. Even though I wasn't a huge Torts fan, the team was bound to take a step back, not forward.

The real issue is the same thing I've been railing about for years on here - where is the talent?? Plenty of 'serviceable' players go through the doors at Msg but the game is played with the puck on your stick just as much as it is keeping it out of your goal, and we don't have enough guys who can hold the puck and put fear into other clubs. They will come at us cause they don't fear getting beat through the neutral zone. Our players constantly hand off the puck 'here you take it!'.

Nash is not the guy to do it all himself, thats asking too much of any one player. Richards was a mistake, he does not carry and create, I'm not sure what he'll be over a full season. We spent so many assets on these two yet they have no one who will hold the puck long enough for them to utilize what they bring to the table.

Poor drafting. If just a few of our picks over the years helped ration out the offensive burden then we wouldn't constantly be looking to blame a handful of players on what is an organizational failure.
Youve hit on problem #1A in my opinion.

1B, as far as Im concerned, is a similar inability to cultivate bottom 6 talent. Its a revolving door of importing answers to the top line and the bottom 6 and, surprise, very rarely do any of them work out.

The drafting leaves something to be desired - in the cases where its successful, it seems to be creating redundant types of players.

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