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Originally Posted by PK Pilot 76 View Post
See, this is where I become confused. What makes everyone so convinced this is some monstrous learning curve for a new system? I played competitive hockey right through college. Does learning a new coach's system make you incapable of making a good read? Does it make you confused as to what is and isn't a good pass? If you're the lone defender facing down an attacker one on one, do you play him differently in AV's system than you did in Torts'? Or do you just do what works in most of these situations? This talk of "systems" is so vastly overblown that I almost can't stand it anymore. A coach's "system" is NOT something that effects every fundamental aspect of your game. A coach's system can change defensive zone coverage and how you breakout of your zone and transition up the ice. And YES, those things can create some big ripple effects in your game. But a new system DOESN'T stop guys like Girardi, McDonagh and Staal from winning battles in the corners and on the boards that they used to win, or from being able to read and anticipate a backdoor play like they used to, or from knowing how to handle a 2 on 1 down low, or from knowing what a safe pass is and what's going to get turned right back down your throat. I just can't attribute the majority of our problems to the system right now. To me, that's a major cop out.
I played through college as well.

I have a couple points here. First, you are right, a new system shouldn't make everyone play as badly as they have. There has never been just one causal factor behind any change. But...

The higher level you play, the harder it is to change systems. This was a group that had gotten very good at Tortorella's scheme, and while it didn't work out in the end, the Rangers had been playing deeper and deeper, more and more conservatively over the years, which brings me to my next point.

The longer you play a scheme, the harder it is to break. The defensemen on this team, a lot of them flourished under Tortorella. We didn't s core much, but I did call into question whether the way the Torts system worked coddled our defensemen, and I may have been right on that one. I wondered whether the propensity towards deflection goals under Tortorella hurt Henrik, and that may have been incorrect.

I could say we're on the road, the guys are in a bad run of form, and that we've had bad luck. But really, you can't chalk everything up to it. But unlike the lads here, I don't think the team has miraculously become pants over the course of an offseason.

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