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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
As much as a goof Tony Marinaro can be, he said something this morning that I started thinking at the end of the CGY game. He said PK is the best Dman in the world right now, and you know what, I have to agree.

The way this kid can be dominant in every single facet of the game is just crazy.
One thing I never thought I'd see from him is how he literally took a completely lifeless team and absolutely revived it on his own. It was just a beautiful thing to see.
When he took the puck and carried it from end to end, it didn't matter how many guys was in front of him, he was getting through. So much passion and intensity. Maybe he had a tad too much of it, which is why he took that stupid penalty, but man, how dominant was he.

Every game he just gets better. It's incredible.

Chara would probably be a #1 consensus, but that's mainly because people are in love with his size and they're obsessed with toughness. Overall however, I don't put him ahead of PK.
PK-Keith-Doughty to me are the best three, I guess you can flip them around. But I don't think they dominate like PK.

As much as what Therrien said after the game in CGY wasn't really bad. I'm very annoyed with his response. It seems nobody can ever stick up for PK. He's always being blamed for whatever. People were talking about PK's penalty and completely disregard the fact he's the one that lifted this dead team up. I would have liked to see Therrien step up for his stud Dman. Ya, he can acknowledge that it was a stupid penalty, but add that PK wasn't to blame for the loss, that he's the one that lifted the team, that he wasn't the problem.

A few days ago, Wilde was on and they were talking about what Darren Dreger said. That the penalty PK took is exactly why people shouldn't be surprised that PK isn't on Team Canada's roster. What kind of stupid BS is that? Late stupid penalties happen to everyone, even the most seasoned veterans. To hold this over his head is just completely unfair and I have to wonder what that's really about. It's like people are always looking for reasons to bring him down and justify criticizing him. He needs to be absolutely perfect, 100% of the time. Even then, some won't give him credit.

But in all seriousness, if people are still saying that x Dmen are better, I'm just curious to know why.

Mods can merge this into a PK appreciation thread, couldn't find it.
1) Perception lags reality. PK will be the new Chara in 2 years, with the respect it gets if he keeps this level up. Eventually it will be to the detriment of anyone's credibility to slag PK. Right now PK's armour is not impermeable because...

2) You never get a second chance to make a first impression - PK was criticized early in his career, Cherry and others have made a permanent dent in Subban's reputation. It takes time to overcome this.

3) PK is different, he represents change. Hockey is a stasis world, see the ridiculous Hertl dossier. There are people who don't like him.

4) The 24/7 sports world needs fresh information and things to talk about. This represented a new angle to a top athlete. Fodder for the soap opera script makers.

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