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10-11-2013, 04:14 PM
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On average, how many actively used sticks does everyone have?

I have 3 sticks, but 1 is an entry level stick (Mako 1) that I got for <$100 so I would only use that stick in an emergency. The other 2 sticks I have are 2012 Warrior Cover DT1 (main) and 2012 Covert DT3 (back-up), both purchased within the last month on clearance.

Hockeygiant is running a 25% off promo on their clearance sticks. And I am debating getting another Warrior Covert stick. But I am wondering if this is excessive or not, since I just bought 2 new sticks recently. I am all about deals, so when something like this comes up its hard for me to pass up (I can get the 2012 covert dt1 for $150). Ideally, I would like the sticks I currently have now to last until next year when they have this years models on clearance.

I know there are some variables like usage and type of stick (flex), so just a quick rundown. I play 3 times a week (1 league game, 1 pick up game, and 1 instructional class). I only use wrist shots also, so no abuse from hard slappers. The Warrior sticks I have now are Int 70 flex.

So do guys think I should pull the trigger on getting another stick? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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