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10-11-2013, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by savebyrichter420 View Post
Everyone wants to know this team's identity and who we are. I'll tell you who we are, we became the Columbus Blue Jackets! (snip)
You guys probably don't want this reinforced, but from a CBJ fan perspective this is exactly what it looks like. Over the past 5 seasons or so of CBJ hockey, I been thinking. My opinion, there are three types of players (or even people in any organization):
1) those that drive the bus
2) those that are passengers
3) those that cause conflict and problems

My thoughts concerning the CBJ was that there didn't appear to be anyone as a #1 type and really only an occasional #3 (Jeff Carter in Columbus, Mike Commodore) but rather a room full of #2 guys who would look around and expect the other guys to be a #1.

Nash was always said to be a "lead by example" type rather than a vocal guy (a #2). Brassard and J. Moore probably are also #2s. Dorsett is debatable between a #1 & #2. But now that the ex-CBJ guys are back with Nash, they may be looking for him to lead again which would put Dorsett back as a #2 as well.

Between the trades with the Rangers, free agent signings, and a few more trades, it looks like Columbus has gotten a room full of #1s (so many that they haven't even named a captain since the Nash trade).

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