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10-11-2013, 04:25 PM
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I will tell you why i think jones is on par with weber. Jones is a special big man defender. He is 6 4 but he has the hip mobility of a defender that is 6 foot. His hip mobility allows him to play less upright which allows him greater stride length, especially that first stride. One of the reasons why duncan keith is such a special skater is his hip mobility he can get great hip seperation and is rarely upright.

I think jones can be a 6 4 version of keith. I dont think he will be as physical as weber but his puck handling and passing are already ahead of weber. In terms of shot weber is hard to beat in that category but i do see jones capable of outscoring weber by his ability to sneak up into the play as we saw on that one sequence where he fired a puck right into bernier.

In regards to Reilly, maybe small is a poor choice of words , short is a more accurate statement. a 6 foot dman is nothing new but those guys have to be able to avoid the forecheck like letang and keith do so well. Those guys are so quick and agile that forechecking them is almost impossible. If he can do that he will have no limitations with his size.

But again like i said i see him as a kimmo timmonen type, maybe with a better shot.

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