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10-11-2013, 04:51 PM
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Rangers as a team have been structured around their goaltending and defense. Their offense has been what lags a bit though it's exaggerated by some how bad it is. Last year we were !5th in goals which more or less means out of 30 teams we were average.

The run and gun is not how the Rangers have been built. The fact is we do not have the really elite forwards where we could be successful playing that kind of style. We don't have a dominant forward like Crosby or Malkin or the wingers Neal, Kunitz or the pwp qb Letang to go along with that. We were never going to match the offensive skill level that the Pens just for one team have but there are other teams in the East also with more talent up front than us. Our strength was team defense.

The problem was when we hit the playoffs that team defense style of ours allowed lesser teams to hang tight with us if they tightened up as well--which turned just about every playoff game into a nail biter and in the end meant we couldn't close the deal.

The problem now is we still don't have the horses to play a run and gun style and that seems to be what AV and his coaching staff want and the Nash injury only exacerbates the situation.

Our general manager should have had more foresight when considering firing the previous coach--who exactly he was going to replace him with and how that replacement was going to get the best out of the players each particular capabilities. What we have now looks to be a classic case of misalliance. The players in bulk don't fit with their coach's style and it's apparent that someone will have to bend/change and it's going to have to be the coaching staff. Two other options--mass trades to find players who will fit--very unlikely scenario or fire the coach. Maybe it would be best if the general manager retired or was fired as well. GM"s have sell by dates too.

I don't know. It's a dysfunctional situation.

IMO Rangers should go back to the kind of system that suits the team better--concentrating on the defensive end and especially as long as Nash is out--for no other reason than to stabilize things. What we've watched throughout the preseason and the first 4 regular season games is an atrocity. The last two games the team has been absolutely and utterly destroyed. This group as well does not seem tough enough. Even when you lose there should be some positives to take from the loss--not here though.

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