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10-11-2013, 04:57 PM
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Many years ago I was a minor league player, fighting is a part of the game. The tensions on the ice get pretty bad at times, so rather than seeing a cheap stick foul, or an illegal check ( which usually is the reason behind the fights), I think it's better to just let the players square off and have a legal fight.

One night I was high sticked in the forehead after my helmet was knocked off, it took 16 staples to put my head back together. The punk who did it was one of the big anti-fight players at the time.
Next time my team played his team, I skated up to him, dropped my stick and gloves and told him, put your stick down and fight me you *****. He hid behind the linesman, I was charged a 5 minute major for fighting ( which I hadn't laid a hand on him), plus I received a game misconduct.

It's punks like that who are against fighting, but they're always the ones who'll hack at you with their sticks.

Fighting belongs in hockey!!

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