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10-11-2013, 06:00 PM
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Hey guys first time poster here but long time reader. This has probably been said already so forgive me if it has but honestly I doubt AV is any problem at all. It's not like he forgot to coach over the summer. The issue as I see it, is a miss match of coach to team. Torts, for all his flaws coached to the roster he had. The team is not offensive, nor quick, nor able to play a more puck possession style. We bring in a new coach and make virtually no roster adjustments and expect these same guys to now play a puck possession game that requires, as far as I can tell, speed and quickness to do well. Is anyone shocked that this is a recipe for a rough start? Many of the guys on this team are not fast enough to get to loose pucks( an important part to getting the puck) nor are they skilled enough to keep the puck once they have it.

Beyond that though, why we keep playing guys like Taylor Pyatt, Brian Boyle and Arron Asham are beyond me. None of them can skate well enough to play this style nor are they particularly good at any of the intangible parts of hockey,( grit, team chemistry etc.). Simply put, they waste roster spots with no upside at all. Guys like Dom Moore are valuable compared to these guys because at least Moore wins face offs. I'm completely at a loss as to why we don't give guys like Krieder and Miller and Kristo these same roster spots currently occupied by over the hills or never was players. At least Miller and Krieder and Kristo have not yet proven they can't play. Does anyone honestly need to see Boyle or Asham or Pyatt play again to know they can't get it done? If ever there was a chance to give the new guys a shot it is now. If everyone is learning the new system Boyle and Pyatt and Asham can't even use the "experience" or "trustworthy" or "veteran" card. They are just as clueless as the less experienced guys.

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