Thread: Proposal: Fleury for Miller
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10-11-2013, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Vitale View Post
I'd rather trade for Lehner:

1) Will be entering his prime in a couple years (younger) and is likely to be cheaper even with a new "bridge contract".

2) Anderson is a bit overrated IMO -- Ottawa's team D has a lot to do with his success. Lehner will likely become the kind of goalie teams can lean on when their D struggles.

3) Will cost less than trading for Anderson and even if it's the same cost, I'd still rather have the younger guy with the big upside and already some proof that he's worthy of it.

That said the odds a young team like Ottawa will trade their young stud-G-in-waiting when he's an RFA, are purrty darn slim. Truth be told there's not much chance that Anderson won't get an extension, and not much chance either will be traded anytime soon. That's a great tandem to have. Anderson can keep mentoring Lehner, Lehner can keep getting solid back-up duty learning the ropes, neither will cost that much to re-sign relative to other big goalies, and Ottawa has the space. Meanwhile they'll get "big goalie benefits" as long as they keep playing this style of hockey.
This is the sort of guy that I equally support and have more interest in to be fair. The issue is how do you get a player like that without selling the organisation's gold, silver, and rusty old tin. They're just not available at an acceptable price. That one remaining year on Fleury's contract after this season is a bit of a "pain" (euphemism) to be fair.

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